Reality-based User Interface System (RUIS) is an open source toolkit for creating the next generation of virtual reality applications. The idea of RUIS is to give hobbyists an easy access to the state-of-the-art interaction devices, so that they can bring their innovations into the field of virtual reality.

RUIS is available for Unity3D and Processing, both of which are widely used development environments that are favored by many game developers, artists, designers, and architects. RUIS enables development of virtual reality applications where devices like Kinect, Razer Hydra, and PlayStation Move are used together with immersive display devices such as Oculus Rift. The simultaneous use of these devices allows creation of novel virtual reality applications and 3D user interfaces.

RUIS includes a versatile display manager for handling several display devices simultaneously, features stereo 3D rendering and head-tracking, and supports the use of Kinect (1&2), Oculus Rift DK2, and PlayStation Move together in the same coordinate system. Developers can implement and test their own motion controlled applications even with just a mouse and keyboard, which are emulated as 3D input devices. RUIS has been used to teach virtual reality concepts and application implementation for five consecutive years in Aalto University’s virtual reality course.

RUIS project was initiated by researchers Tuukka Takala and Roberto Pugliese in Aalto University’s Department of Media Technology, Finland. Other important contributors are Heikki Heiskanen, Mikael Matveinen, and Yu Shen.

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