RUIS sounds!

UPDATE: Max/MSP demo patch for RUIS has finally been uploaded 🙂

Dear artist, designer, technology enthusiast, hobbyist, et al.,

when you start prototyping your 3D application…don’t forget about SOUND!

The use of sound adds very much to the immersion in a virtual environment and if carefully designed, can provide invaluable feedback to the user in many tasks she can try to accomplish. Although neglected in the past, recent research trends such as sonic interaction design have been focusing on the importance of sound as a primary channel for conveying information (auditory display) and as a mean for interaction.

In RUIS you have different way to develop your sonic ideas: use one of the audio library available for Processing (Minim, ESS , SuperCollider) or use an external platform such as Max/Msp or PureData. For the latter, RUIS provides you with Open Sound Control (OSC) communication which means that potentially all the parameters present in the virtual space are available to be used for sonification elsewhere.

To get you started, feel free to download a Max/Msp patch available in the download section. The patch receives the position of the particles immersed in the physics engine and maps their accelerations to the amplitude of different customizable sound waves. In addition to that you can also use your samples library and play a sampler as you have probably never done before.

Sound makes you feel where you are.

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