Using RUIS in Unity 5


An upcoming Kinect 2 + Oculus Rift DK2 demo created with RUIS and Unity 5 (no release date yet).

Unity 5 allows the use of Kinect 2 and Razer Hydra without a Pro license, so it makes sense to update your RUIS project to Unity 5. In May June we will put out an official RUIS for Unity 5 release. Meanwhile you can use the below guide to upgrade RUIS to work in Unity 5.

How to update RUIS 1.07 to Unity 5
Download the RUISunity1071_Unity5.unitypackage from here:

Update instructions
1. Create backup of your project.
2. If you have modified any RUIS scripts, prefabs, or scenes, you need to create duplicates of them because RUIS files with the original names will be overwritten by the RUIS update.
3. Install Unity 5. If you are a Windows user and intend to use Kinect 1, you should install the 32-bit Editor (Additional Downloads, For Windows link):
4. Open your project with Unity 5, and Upgrade the project when Unity asks to do so.
5. When “API Update Required” appears, choose the option “I Made a Backup, Go Ahead!”.
6. The project should be open now. Ignore any errors in Console, and open the RUISunity1071_Unity5.unitypackage file in Explorer/Finder and import everything.
7. After importing, delete the following files and bundles in \Assets\Plugins: KinectForUnity.dll,, OculusPlugin.dll, sixense.dll, sixense.bundle. Do NOT touch any files in the Android, Metro, OculusPlugin.bundle, x86, and x86_64 subfolders.
8. Everything should work now, unless some of your own scripts or assets are broken.

P.S. If anyone knows a math library for C# that supports (or can be easily modified to support) in-place matrix operations for multiplication, addition, inversion, and transposition of 4-by-4 matrices, let me know! The current matrix library that we are using (and Unity’s Matrix4x4) allocates new memory after every matrix operation, which causes very frequent garbage collection and results in a noticeable performance loss when Kinect rotation smoothing is enabled in RUIS.

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