RUIS is released, try it now!

(Updated again 4th of March: See new video. And yet again on 2nd of May for version 0.89)
We just have released RUIS version 0.81 0.86 0.89, which is a major update since our last update in May 2011! Download the latest version here. RUIS is now provided as a Processing library, and you only need Processing 1.51 to test its basic functionality.

Some of the features included in RUIS version 0.86:

  • Supports Kinect, PlayStation Move, and WiiMote MotionPlus input devices
  • Easily modifiable 3D selection and manipulation routines
  • Integrated JBullet physics engine
  • Multi-display stereo-rendering
  • Projector keystone correction
  • Calibration for matching PlayStation Move and Kinect coordinate systems
  • Kinect and PlayStation Move -based head tracking
  • Kinect skeletons affect JBullet’s physical world simulation
  • Kinect skeleton data point manipulation with 3D transformations

This is a preview release for Aalto University’s Virtual Reality 2012 course, so there are still number of things that we will polish. Currently we are aiming to release an improved version of RUIS within February and March.

Coming soon:

  • Extensible Kinect gesture recognition system
  • More refined application programming interface
  • Documentation with illustrations
  • Demonstration video

Have fun everyone!

P.S. In March I will present my paper Survey of 3DUI Applications and Development Challenges at “Symposium on 3D User Interfaces 2012”, which is part of IEEE Virtual Reality 2012 conference in Orange County, California. Let me know if you are there and want to meet up.

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