RUIS for Unity 1.05 released

Last week Oculus Rift was acquired by Facebook for 2 billion dollars, which is the biggest move in virtual reality industry that we have seen. I speculate that this was at least partially influenced by Sony finally becoming serious with head-mounted-displays through their Morpheus HMD.

Another news piece of (almost) similar proportions, is that the latest version of RUIS for Unity is out 🙂 Oculus Rift package has been updated to version 0.2.5c and several bugs have been fixed. So what can you do with RUIS for Unity? Use RUIS’ Wand prefabs to easily bring interaction via input devices like Razer Hydra, Kinect, and PlayStation Move to your application, configure multiple mono or stereo displays in Unity through RUIS’ DisplayManager, or use the MecanimBlendedCharacter prefab to blend real-time Kinect body tracking with Mecanim animation of your 3D avatar.

Speaking of Oculus Rift, apparently some people experience 150 ms latency in certain applications built with Unity. Jason Jerald found out that this can be remedied by
commenting out the following line inside SetMaximumVisualQuality() function of OVRCameraController.cs script:

//QualitySettings.vSyncCount = 1; //comment out this line.

Thanks to Zach Wendt for this information!

In my next update I’ll bring you news from IEEE Virtual Reality 2014 conference. Stay tuned!

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