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Thoughts on Microsoft Hololens

In May I had the opportunity to try out Microsoft Hololens. It had a phenomenal inside-out positional tracking, which felt very robust. As reported widely online, its field of view is very limited. That is the single biggest obstacle for … Continue reading

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RUIS for Unity 5 released!

An unofficial RUIS for Unity 5 patch has been out for a few months, and we’re finally putting out the official release. It includes a bunch of bug fixes and improvements: Thickness of individual limbs can be scaled, creating the appearance … Continue reading

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RUIS 1.07 released! Fist gesture and more

Aalto University’s course for virtual reality started earlier this month, and to get things rolling we have just released the latest version of RUIS for Unity. RUIS 1.07 adds new features and fixes many issues of our previous release, which we admittedly rushed … Continue reading

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RUIS for Unity released!

It’s out! Get RUIS for Unity from the download page. RUIS  (Reality-based User Interface System) gives hobbyists and seasoned developers an easy access to the state-of-the-art interaction devices, so they can bring their innovations into the field of virtual reality … Continue reading

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Photos of RUIS apps from 2012 VR course

In May 2012 we finished a virtual reality course where 13 students from Aalto School of Science and Technology and Aalto ARTS’ MediaLab learned about virtual reality. Five student teams created their own virtual reality applications and below are photos … Continue reading

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Introducing RUIS

Do you want to create fun applications that take advantage of the latest state-of-the-art game controllers? Our work aims to make that possible, even if you don’t have background in computers or programming. RUIS (Reality-based User Interface System) from Roberto … Continue reading

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